5 lessons I have leant along the way

I am a big believer in the saying “You learn something new every day”. If you stop to think about it, you really do learn something new every day!

When it comes to business, most of us gain our knowledge from school, college, books, online sources or speaking with other professionals. I have found that there is a big difference in gaining information from books and learning from actual experiences. (Both are valid, so don’t rule either out!)

Here would be my Top 5 lessons from my experiences so far:

1. Think practically – It’s very exciting when you come up with a really great idea, but one of the key things I have learnt is to make sure that it is actually practical. Don’t let anyone try and dampen your desire to achieve your dreams, just make sure you think about how you will achieve them and ensure you have the resources behind you to help along the way.

2.  Communication is key – I cannot emphasise how important this is, in both verbal and written form. Communications should be clear and put in such a way that everyone understands: it is key to how you interact with your suppliers, staff and customers alike. Effective communication can help you resolve a difficult situation to your benefit and equally grow your business too.

3.  The right people – I know I am still young and this one is something I am still learning, and likely to continue learning in the years ahead. It is so important to have the right people in the right roles to help you achieve your business objectives. You won’t always get this right, but as long as you recognise and learn from this you can move forward. On the plus side, when you get good people in your team you recognise how much of an asset they can be to the business – be sure to look after them!

4.  You will fail – This might sound like quite a negative statement, but at some point in your business career it is very likely that you will fail. I personally found this one very hard, as I don’t like to fail. I have now learnt that there can also be positives to come from this. No matter how much you prepare, if you fail make it a lesson and move forward.

5.  Learn something new every day – no matter how much you know, or how much you think you may know, there will always be something to learn. Never forget this – and it applies as much to your personal life.

Along the route of business, you’ll learn many lessons and some will be more relevant than others, but these are my Top 5 and I hope they share some guidance which may help you along your journey.